We are a group of people that has always been linked to the world of health, psychology and meditation. Therefore, we decided to create a space for the individual’s development in all aspects and where to transmit all we have learned and received over the years in places like Bodhi Salud.

Marucha Serrano

Founding member of Bodhi Salud
Family doctor, postgraduated in family therapy, and teacher in promoting health groups by relaxation techniques and physical exercises offered at institutions such as the UPV and the INEM.

Jose María Arana

Founding member of Bodhi Salud
Family doctor. Teacher in promoting health groups by relaxation techniques and physical exercises. Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reflexology.

María Cámara

Founding member of Bodhi Salud
Doctor in Psychology and MSc in Health Psychology. Director of Hoffman International. Gestalt psychotherapist, and trained in Mindfulness.

Our collaborators

In Bodhi Salud we like to be enriched by the collaboration of different health professionals and others who work for the development of body and mind. Here you can read more about them and their training.

Shamar Rinpoche or the 14th Shamarpa

Collaborator in Bodhi Salud
Representative of the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. Founder of Bodhi Path centers.

Adnan Sarhan

Collaborator in Bodhi Salud
Founder and director of the Sufi Foundation of America, is internationally known for his “Rapid Method.”

L. Fernando Cámara

Collaborator in Bodhi Salud
Family doctor and psychotherapist. Director of the Hoffman Institute of Spain. Full member of the Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy.
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